Deep Analytics Graph Database Platform

TigerGraph is a cutting-edge, scalable graph database platform designed for real-time deep link analytics and advanced data connections.

TigerGraph Implementation Partner

At Decisioneering, we specialize in the strategic deployment of technology solutions, providing expert guidance and tailored implementations that align with specific business needs. By integrating TigerGraph’s powerful graph processing capabilities, our team helps organizations unlock deep insights from complex, interconnected data sets. Our expertise not only facilitates smoother transitions and deployments but also ensures that clients can effectively use TigerGraph for applications like real-time analytics, fraud detection, and network optimization.


Dive Deeper into Cyberspace with TigerGraph

TigerGraph is a leading graph database platform designed for enterprise applications. It offers advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities through its scalable and efficient graph processing technology. TigerGraph’s platform enables organizations to explore and analyze interconnected data, providing deeper insights that are critical for making informed business decisions. Its graph engine supports real-time updates and queries, making it ideal for dynamic datasets and complex, relationship-driven queries. With a focus on usability, TigerGraph supports both GSQL, a SQL-like query language, and intuitive visualizations to help users seamlessly interact with complex data structures. Used across various industries, TigerGraph is instrumental in applications such as fraud detection, supply chain analysis, and customer relationship management, enhancing the ability to detect patterns and uncover hidden relationships within data.



  • TigerGraph is designed to handle massive datasets efficiently, allowing for scaling both vertically and horizontally without sacrificing performance.

Real-Time Analytics

  • It supports real-time data processing, enabling immediate insights and responses to dynamic data changes, crucial for time-sensitive decisions.

Deep Link Analytics

  • The platform excels in exploring deep connections within data, going beyond simple relationships to uncover patterns and insights that are not immediately apparent.

Advanced Machine Learning Integration

  • TigerGraph integrates with popular machine learning frameworks to enhance predictive analytics capabilities, allowing for more sophisticated data analysis and interpretation.


  • TigerGraph’s visual software development kit, GraphStudio, simplifies the creation and management of graph models and queries, making it accessible even to those with limited coding expertise.

GSQL Language Support

  • TigerGraph’s GSQL, a SQL-like query language tailored for graph databases, allows users to write complex queries easily, facilitating a smoother transition for those familiar with SQL.

Robust Security Features

  • It offers comprehensive security measures, including role-based access control, ensuring that sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access.

Cloud Compatibility

  • TigerGraph supports deployment in various environments, including on-premises and in the cloud, providing flexibility based on organizational needs and resources.

Cross-Industry Applications

  • The platform is versatile across many industries, such as finance, healthcare, and logistics, where understanding complex relationships and patterns is crucial.

Community and Support

  • TigerGraph has a strong community and professional support system, offering resources, documentation, and expert assistance to help users maximize the value of their investment in graph technology.

Versatile Deployment and High Availability of TigerGraph

TigerGraph can be deployed on the cloud, on-premises, or on a hybrid infrastructure and can integrate different data sources, such as those from the Hadoop ecosystem or RDBMS solutions. It is also characterized by its high availability thanks to its replication and partitioning capabilities.